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RENT The Musical

4 Mar

RENT is a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony Award winning musical which premiered on Broadway in 1996 and was first shown in Manila on the year 2010.

The musical was based on Giacomo Puccini’s opera La bohème. The play is a story of Bohemian New Yorkers Mark, Roger, Maureen, Tom, Angel, Mimi, Joanne et al. who are all struggling to survive during an economic crisis and the rise of a mysterious, deadly disease – AIDS in the late ’90s.

Welcome to the Enchanting Music of “The Magic Flute”

16 Jul

YEHEY! In-house Production 9/22/2008 3:18:29 PM By Maritoni Alvarez Think of Dorothy in the wizard of Oz but with a whole new set of different characters and adventures. In replacement of the magical shoes, a magical flute will take our lead character, into a mysterious and magical world of princes, princesses and supernatural creatures. “The […]

The road to West Side Story

16 Jul

YEHEY! In-house Production 8/8/2008 4:40:28 PM By Maritoni Alvarez The award-winning stage and movie musical West Side Story is ready to hit the spotlight “again” this coming September till October 2008. West Side Story, with a storyline based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but with a modern twist, is a story about lovers Tony and […]

Mulan takes center stage this August

16 Jul

YEHEY! In-house Production 8/7/2008 8:55:10 AM By Maritoni Alvarez Mulan, which is based on a 1999 Disney film of the same title, is a Chinese legend about a young girl who attests that “what can’t be achieved by one’s muscles can be achieved by one’s mind.” Repertory Philippines Children’s Theater, which brought Cinderella, Alladin (Jr.), […]

Avenue Q Farewell Run

15 Jun

I SO LOVE AVENUE Q THAT I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT AGAIN! I knew it! The Php 1,339 is all worth it. I really think that it’s hard to combine puppets and humans in one stage, especially if you’re not only holding one puppet, so I would like commend everyone for a job well […]

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