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Express Yourself in Five Easy Ways

16 Dec

Image taken from istockphoto    Most of us find it hard to express our feelings, because as we all know, voicing out what we feel is no walk in the park. More often than not, when we try to say what we want to say, we end up getting tongue tied, misunderstood or worse, saying […]

Combating Stress the Right Way

16 Dec

It has been said that the most stressful period that mankind has ever encountered is the 21st century. Ever wondered why Spa business is now fast booming? Simply because people want something new that would soothe their worn-out body and drained mind. To be fair, not all stress is bad because some scientists believe that […]

Anger Management: How to Deal When You Have Reached the End of Your Thread

16 Dec

Image taken from istockphoto    Some people find it hard to control their anger that more often than not, they throw a fit or even become physically violent. Nevertheless, you have total control of your feelings and here are some simple steps to remember so you don’t let anger take over you. • Breathe and […]

Eight Ways to Get Over the Person Who Broke Your Heart

16 Dec

We all know that getting over someone whom you devoted all your time for so many months or even years is no walk in the park. Undergoing the process of denial, depression and anger is natural but sulking in your room while watching the whole world pass you by is not healthy anymore. Wake up […]

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