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Ways on How to Kick off Your Relationship

17 Dec

Plunging into a relationship is not always a blissful walk. There will always be ups and downs and several bumpy roads while trudging along. And with the inflating cases of divorce and break ups, it is sometimes inevitable not to wonder if there’s really a happy ending. Good news is there are several techniques which […]

Loving Your Body: No Matter What Shape it is

17 Dec

If south beach diets, attending gyms and starving yourself to death didn’t work for you, then maybe it’s time to accept the fact that you really have a big or small body frame. Nevertheless, regardless what shape you are, your body is still a temple to be celebrated. Below are some ways to help ease […]

I Love Me: Five Ways How To Fall In Love With Yourself

17 Dec

  Image taken from istockphoto    Isn’t I funny when you always tell others that you are a person full of love, when on the contrary, you can’t even answer point blank if you really love yourself? When people are in love, they always pronounce to the world how they love their partners more than […]

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