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20 Jun

If you are expecting to see the life of Noynoy in a film, then by all means don’t watch this. But if you are curious and wants to take a sneak peek on what’s going on in every sortie of President Noynoy Aquino, then this movie will surely interest you.


8 May

This movie, which was shot entirely in Batanes, was literally tiring…o_0…hehehe… I can feel the main character’s¬†(Peping)¬†weariness in finding his kadin. Kadin, by the way, is an Ivatan term for goat. The film will bore you at some point but somehow I see the sense why they need to prolong some scenes — they need […]

Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros

7 Dec

The film Maximo Oliveros is a must see movie for everyone. It unmasked the real faces of the Filipinos and their way of life. Nathan Lopez need not cry ocean of tears in this movie for him to receive praises because his way of acting was very natural. I personally liked the idea of how […]

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