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Eraserheads The Reunion Concert

27 Nov

Muling tikman ang gabi ng kanilang harana at ng walang humpay na ligaya. Gusto mo bang sumama? Watching Eraserheads The Reunion Concert Movie was like going to the concert again sans the big crowd.If you have been to the concert, you’ll see no difference at all except for the few editing, cinematography and of course, […]

Eraserheads Reunion Concert: I Knew It! This made me really WEAK

1 Sep

I knew it! My intuition was right…they’d sing ALAPAAP for the opening and HULING EL BIMBO for the ending. Waaahh!!! this post made me weak… but still, thanks danglingtealeaves for this info. Spoliarium…wahhhh!!!

Yehey!!! Kitakits sa 08.30.08

25 Aug

Okay, sobrang naguguluhan na ako hah…but i knew it, EHEADS could patch things up…and after much hype, emails and registrations that Marlboro has gathered from their “Red List,” in the end hindi na rin pala sila ang magpproduce ng concert. So this is it! Tuloy ang much awaited REUNION CONCERT,

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