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Never Forget: #Remember2016

20 Dec

At last! 2016 is almost over and we can heave a sigh of relief already…or not. 2016 has been a very stressful year for me (and I assume I am not alone in this, hehehe). Actually from the start until the end of the year, 2016 never fails to stress me out. Hahaha. Good job […]

East Meets West in Batanes

23 Mar

Visiting Batanes is one of the few things in my “Bucket List”, so I consider my summer of 2008 one for the books. My friend and I should have gone to Palawan that year but I strongly disapproved of the idea because Batanes was number one on my “List of Places to See Before I Die.”

Best venues for intimate weddings

2 Mar

What really defines an intimate wedding? Small venue, small number of guests or limited budget? I say, Intimate wedding is a perfect way to celebrate your biggest day with love ones. Aside from being relaxed on your special day because you are surrounded by close friends and family, your wedding day will be less stressful as it will just feel like a family and friends gathering rather than a big production. Not to mention you will be able to save extra bucks to start your family.

Top tourist-friendly places to visit in the Philippines

16 Sep

The hostage crisis that took place in the heart of Manila two weeks ago has left a big dent in the Aquino administration, especially in the Philippine tourism sector.

With the “black alert warning” that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has issued to the Philippines, we ask ourselves: How can we once again attract tourists back to our country?


8 May

This movie, which was shot entirely in Batanes, was literally tiring…o_0…hehehe… I can feel the main character’s (Peping) weariness in finding his kadin. Kadin, by the way, is an Ivatan term for goat. The film will bore you at some point but somehow I see the sense why they need to prolong some scenes — they need […]


7 Dec

At long last! After weeks of waiting I was able to watched this film with my cousin. I even watched the last full show at Gateway Cineplex even though I still have work the next day. Anyway, here is the review I’ve been yearning to write. ^_^ I expected a lot from this film especially […]

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