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Tricks that make your home look biggger

11 Jan

So you have finally bought a new home for an investment and you are excited to furnish and decorate it for the very first time. However, as you take a trip to the nearest furniture shop to hunt for your dream king sized bed, beanbags and humongous couch, you suddenly realized that the space in your home is a little smaller than you have actually imagined. Wait, don’t press the alarm button yet, good news is you can actually maximize your square footage with these clever room-expanding tricks that won’t entail hiring a professional interior designer and giving up your dream home.

Workaholic Alert: Know If You Are and Cure Yourself

17 Dec

Do you find yourself thinking about your work load even after you left the office? Does your wife constantly complain about your lack of time for her and your family, which you continuously deny? Maybe you have to think things over, perhaps she’s right; you’re already a workaholic without you noticing it. Below are surefire […]

Growing Pains: Ways to Know If You Are Emotionally Immature

17 Dec

All of us get old, but sad to say only few grow up. You might say that by 21 you are already a full grown man or woman who is a lot wiser than others who are younger than you. But before you boast of your seniority telling people around that you are already ripe […]

Ways on How to Kick off Your Relationship

17 Dec

Plunging into a relationship is not always a blissful walk. There will always be ups and downs and several bumpy roads while trudging along. And with the inflating cases of divorce and break ups, it is sometimes inevitable not to wonder if there’s really a happy ending. Good news is there are several techniques which […]

Successful Parenting: Nursing a Teenager

17 Dec

Raising a teenager is probably one of the most challenging jobs in the world. It is an adventure shared by the teenagers and their parents. Bringing up one has its bitter sweet memories, but once you see the result of your journey and once you’re able to form a good person out of your adolescent […]

Stop Procrastinating Now!

17 Dec

Do you often find yourself looking at the heap of paper works in your desk and the “To Do List” in your post it? You swore to yourself for the nth time that you will start working as soon as possible but you’re still there lazing in your bed or busying yourself by flipping over […]

Sleep Well: Tips on How to Get That Goodnight Sleep you’ve Always Wanted

17 Dec

Getting yourself in dreamland is not as easy as 1…2…3…The tossing and turning every night surely keeps you worn out when in fact you should be resting. Do yourself a favor, cut out with that counting of sheep over the fence and learn from the guideline below to achieve that Sleeping Beauty rest.

Quit Worrying

17 Dec

According to authors Michael Gelb and Tony Buzan of the book Lessons from the Art of Juggling, worry is a negative visualization. Worrying over things just leads to tension, stress and exhaustion. So instead of draining your energy worrying, read the following guidelines to quit worrying and start thinking of far more important things. Identify […]

Loving Your Body: No Matter What Shape it is

17 Dec

If south beach diets, attending gyms and starving yourself to death didn’t work for you, then maybe it’s time to accept the fact that you really have a big or small body frame. Nevertheless, regardless what shape you are, your body is still a temple to be celebrated. Below are some ways to help ease […]

Living Life the Simple Way

17 Dec

Everyone says they want to lead a simple life but few only have the guts to walk their talk. Because the truth of the matter is, people have a hard time leaving behind their complicated but ostentatious life in exchange of a simple and meager one. But contrary to the notion, leading a plain and […]

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