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Go on, Travel!

8 Mar

Storify by Toni Alvarez Fri, Mar 07 2014 20:23:31 Go on, Travel! I’m feeling summer-y already so I am sharing here some interesting travel posts I found online. =) Add to story or collection Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Share on Google+ Share on Linkedin Share by email ✈️

My Chinese Lauriat

12 Dec

I have a confession to make. China is not in my list of places to visit. I am not a big fan of Chinese food and I don’t eat anything that looks new to me, especially if it is exotic. In fact, the only tea I drink is iced tea.

Pagudpud: Paradise of the North

28 Mar

Pagudpud’s tranquil rural communities, rich, unspoiled natural resources and the absence of mass tourism makes Pagudpud even more visit worthy. My friend and I opted for a far-flung hideaway from Manila that is affordable and would not require traveling via plane.

East Meets West in Batanes

23 Mar

Visiting Batanes is one of the few things in my “Bucket List”, so I consider my summer of 2008 one for the books. My friend and I should have gone to Palawan that year but I strongly disapproved of the idea because Batanes was number one on my “List of Places to See Before I Die.”

Best venues for intimate weddings

2 Mar

What really defines an intimate wedding? Small venue, small number of guests or limited budget? I say, Intimate wedding is a perfect way to celebrate your biggest day with love ones. Aside from being relaxed on your special day because you are surrounded by close friends and family, your wedding day will be less stressful as it will just feel like a family and friends gathering rather than a big production. Not to mention you will be able to save extra bucks to start your family.

Marinduque: A Sweet Homecoming

29 Aug

Marinduque is a small heart-shaped island in the Southern Tagalog, which, coincidentally, is also in the center of the Philippines. The province has been dubbed as the “Lent Capital of the Philippines” because of its famous Moriones Festival during Holy Week. Although this province may only be bustling with tourists during the Lenten season, Marinduque, for me, is more than just its colorful festival. It’s an underrated place full of interesting sites waiting to be explored and discovered.

High 5: Tagaytay– A Tagaytay Day Trip

19 May

Just a stone’s throw away from Manila, approximately one-and-a-half hours travel time or 56 kilometers south of the Philippines’ capital, Tagaytay has become a favorite weekend getaway for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the metro for a breath of fresh air. Tagaytay is one of the most visited tourist destinations […]

Best places to experience Lent in the Philippines

16 Apr

Marinduque is a small heart-shaped island in the Southern Tagalog, which, coincidentally, is also in the center of the Philippines. Dubbed the “Lent Capital of the Philippines”, Marinduque welcomes thousands of tourists here during the Lenten holidays to experience religion and culture at the same time.

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