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Tricks that make your home look biggger

11 Jan

So you have finally bought a new home for an investment and you are excited to furnish and decorate it for the very first time. However, as you take a trip to the nearest furniture shop to hunt for your dream king sized bed, beanbags and humongous couch, you suddenly realized that the space in your home is a little smaller than you have actually imagined. Wait, don’t press the alarm button yet, good news is you can actually maximize your square footage with these clever room-expanding tricks that won’t entail hiring a professional interior designer and giving up your dream home.

Best venues for intimate weddings

2 Mar

What really defines an intimate wedding? Small venue, small number of guests or limited budget? I say, Intimate wedding is a perfect way to celebrate your biggest day with love ones. Aside from being relaxed on your special day because you are surrounded by close friends and family, your wedding day will be less stressful as it will just feel like a family and friends gathering rather than a big production. Not to mention you will be able to save extra bucks to start your family.

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