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New Beacons of Hope: 9th Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations

31 Oct

I’ve been a part of the search for Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations for three years already because of the nature of my job. No, I am not one of the finalists, let’s just say our office is pretty much involved in this annual search for youth organizations who have created huge impacts in their communities. […]

Global Pinoy Bazaar 201OVE: Instilling Pinoy love and pride one product at a time

17 Nov

If you are a sale freak and have never heard of Global Pinoy Bazaar yet, then better re-tune your antenna because you’re missing half of your life.

Global Pinoy Bazaar is an annual Christmas Holiday bazaar of Yabang Pinoy which dates back to 5 years ago. And in case you have never heard of YP until now, Yabang Pinoy is a group of young and idealistic advocates and volunteers who pioneered in changing the mindsets of their countrymen by effecting positive social change through various programs and activities like Global Pinoy Bazaar.

Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010: Built with 100% Filipino Love and Pride

28 Sep

In its effort to raise Pinoy pride and positive social change among its countrymen, a group of young and idealistic Filipinos saw the birth of a campaign called Yabang Pinoy. Yabang Pinoy’s main project is to always develop new, fun and exciting programs and activities that would convert “closet” Pinoys into “Shouting Proud Pinoys.”

In keeping with Yabang Pinoy’s consumer revolution advocacy and belief that for every foreign product in the market, there are comparable local options, Yabang Pinoy is now on its fifth Global Pinoy Bazaar to showcase Filipino products made with 100% Filipino Love and Pride on November 6-7 at the Rockwell Tent in Makati.

The Bottle School Run: A run for hope and solution

17 Jun

With global warming being in the forefront of issues nowadays, it is but high time to start caring for our environment and empowering people to build solutions to society’s most pressing problems.

If one would reckon, typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng brought massive destruction to the Philippines which resulted to lives and industries loss.

MTV EXIT: Rocking human trafficking and exploitation away

16 Aug

MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) held its first ever free concert tour at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds last May 22, 2009 as part of its campaign to put an end to human trafficking and exploitation all over the world.

In partnership with USAID and VFFI (Visayan Forum Foundation, Inc.), the kick-off party at MOA was joined by famous local bands and artists who rocked the night away with their awesome performances.

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