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20 Jun

If you are expecting to see the life of Noynoy in a film, then by all means don’t watch this. But if you are curious and wants to take a sneak peek on what’s going on in every sortie of President Noynoy Aquino, then this movie will surely interest you.

Kimmy Dora

27 Aug

The movie was so funny and I know that’s nothing new at all. With Eugene Domingo as the main character in the movie, a whole lot of laughter can always be expected. She’s so good as a sidekick, what more if the spotlight is all hers.

You Changed My Life

1 Mar

“You Changed My Life” is the sequel of the 2008 Box Office film “A Very Special Love.” The story picks up to where it left Laida and Miggy. A now happy couple who is nothing but a picture of happiness, mushiness and sweetness. Miggy works in the same building where Flippage (his former company) is […]

For The First Time

30 Dec

I actually thought they don’t have a chemistry. I was in the presscon of the movie “For The First Time” and I don’t find anything so interesting and something to look forward to in the movie. But boy, was I wrong. I have to admit that KC and Richard indeed has on screen chemistry. It’s […]

Dayo Sa Mundo ng Elementalia

19 Dec

It is not an exaggeration when I say that “Dayo” is one heck of a film that should not be missed by everyone. No wonder it’s graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB). The story, the script, OSTs and even characterization are superb. Animation is very good but as what Director Robert Quilao said, […]

Eraserheads The Reunion Concert

27 Nov

Muling tikman ang gabi ng kanilang harana at ng walang humpay na ligaya. Gusto mo bang sumama? Watching Eraserheads The Reunion Concert Movie was like going to the concert again sans the big crowd.If you have been to the concert, you’ll see no difference at all except for the few editing, cinematography and of course, […]

A Very Special Love

2 Nov

Anyway, i must admit it, I never thought I’d actually enjoy this film. I thought it was corny and all, but I was wrong, so okay, i’ll take it back. The movie was nice. The story and script was good, and most of all it was funny. John Lloyd’s acting was exceptional as ever. His […]


10 May

 The story is about a love lost and found in Donsol. The story was okay. I can’t say that the story was unique nor common but acting was very good. Sid Lucero’s acting for me is effective, as well as Angel’s. Cinematography was nice though the lighting in some scenes were not very good, nonetheless, […]


8 May

This movie, which was shot entirely in Batanes, was literally tiring…o_0…hehehe… I can feel the main character’s (Peping) weariness in finding his kadin. Kadin, by the way, is an Ivatan term for goat. The film will bore you at some point but somehow I see the sense why they need to prolong some scenes — they need […]


7 Dec

At long last! After weeks of waiting I was able to watched this film with my cousin. I even watched the last full show at Gateway Cineplex even though I still have work the next day. Anyway, here is the review I’ve been yearning to write. ^_^ I expected a lot from this film especially […]

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