My 2016 Christmas Wish List

19 Dec

So…few days left before Christmas and it’s only now that I am writing my 2016 Christmas wish list. I’ve been delaying this post because honestly, I don’t know what I want for Christmas. Hahaha. But for the sake of continuing my annual tradition, I’ll try to write some. But I guess it’s really true that as you grow older your christmas list gets smaller…so here you go… :)


Annual Gym Membership. Because I am getting fatter everyday and I badly need to go back to the gym. I don’t mind if it’s Gold’s or Anytime, even it’s Fitness First. I just need to go back. PERIOD!




Tempur Matresse. I know it’s expensive but I know it’s also worth the money. And it might be good for you to know that they are on sale until the 31st of December. ^_^ (size- 6.4 ft length and 4.9 ft- width)



Black Ottoman. I want a dual purpose couch so I want one. This is available in all Our Home branches and even inside SM Department Stores. Yes, this is a recycled wish list.



D&G Light Blue. I just miss my old scent.



Accent Chair. Just because it’s pretty and I really want an accent chair ever since. You can check out Heima or Our Home for designs.



BONUS: Plane ticket to anywhere (except to high-risk areas).  Seriously.



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