My 2014 Christmas Wish List

21 Dec

It’s that time of the year once again. I want to make this brief and quick as much as possible so pardon my straightforwardness when it comes to my Christmas Wishes. Again, these are just suggestions if you feel like being generous this year. No pressure! ^_^

Deuter Backpack (almost Php6,000). I think this bag will jumpstart my being a backpacker (literally). I want to bring this in Japan this coming March because this will really help me move around easily since I heard that there are very few escalators in their train stations.  Pls. take note of the color and the yellow Lily flower. Hehehe.


Payless Boots (Php1,000+) . I only have rain boots and winter boots seems to be missing in my shoe collection. I don’t intend to wear it here in the Philippines so you can stop rolling your eyes. Again, I think this will be more comfortable when I visit Japan before spring. I chose Payless because it’s the cheapest that I can find, but of course you are very welcome to give me a more pretty and stylish one. Hehehe. Size is 5 or 6.


Uniqlo Heatteach Crew Neck T-Shirt (Php790, Navy Blue, Small) – Isn’t it obvious that I need lots of stuff for my trip to Japan? Hahaha. It only says that all my clothes and shoes are just made for tropical countries.

Uniqlo Women Padded Quilted Jacket (Php1,990, Small). I should’ve bought this as soon as I saw it the last time I went to Uniqlo, but then I let it go. So when I am already ready to buy it, it’s now GONE! I’m not sure if they still have this in other branches though. You can check it for me. (*wink))

Burberry Weekend (Php 3,000 for 50ml  and 4,000 100ml). I miss my old scent already. ‘Nuff said!

Burberry Weekend
Bath and Body Works Moonlight Path Fragrance Mist (Php600+). If only there’s Bath and Body Works here in the Philippines…(sigh) If you feel a little generous, you can buy me the perfume instead of the fragrance mist.


Black Ottoman (more or less Php8,000). I want a dual purpose couch so I want one. This is available in all Our Home branches and even inside SM Department Stores.

Below are some recycled wishes because there are no takers last year…SAD… =(

80 x 150 shaggy Black and White carpet (cheapest is Php 4,100)–  You can buy this at Landmark, Trinoma or Shangri-La Mall. If you are generous enough, you can buy the next size bigger. It’s approximately Php6,000 ++.
Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar (approximately PHp2,000).  I need extra storage inside the bathroom for some miscellaneous items.


So there you go, I know I still have a long list in my mind but this is what I can only think of right now. If I may suggest, prioritize the items that I need for my Japan trip. Hahaha. Again, NO PRESSURE! ^_^

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