Thursday with Mitch Albom

21 Feb

With one of my favorite authors Mitch Albom

With one of my favorite authors Mitch Albom

If only I could title this post as “Thursdays with Albom” then that would really be awesome. Imagine talking to this best-selling author every Thursday about writing, life, death and all his great stories, I mean that would really be cool, right? But we only had 30 minutes to spend with this great guy on that one fine Thursday afternoon. It was a very short and sweet encounter but I was very happy for this once in a lifetime experience. ^_^

If the culture doesn’t work for you, don’t buy it. – Morrie

I own five of his books and he told me “Wow! That was pretty much it [all my books]”.  Yes, I did not miss that chance to let him know that I’m such a huge fan of his writing style. I was overwhelmed by the fact that I’m just few meters away from him, taking photos and video. I often catch myself smiling while listening to him talk because the way he talks in person is actually how he sounds like in all his books.

I wont’ write a full feature story about Mitch Albom this time because I’d rather promote the upcoming article series of a very good friend and colleague who will write about Mitch on the website And yes, I volunteered to be her photographer and videographer for her interview with Mr. Albom so I can see one of my favorite authors up close and personal sans the queuing at Glorietta for his book signing. And the lucky book that got the chance to be signed by Mitch himself is no other than “Tuesdays with Morrie, my favorite and oldest Albom book. ^_^

To Toni -- With my thanks! Mitch Albom

To Toni — With my thanks! Mitch Albom



* BIG THANKS to Nina Terol-Zialcita for letting me come with her. Please read her articles below in Rappler.

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