My 2013 Christmas Wish List

22 Dec

It’s been like, what? A year since I have written a personal blog and I feel very guilty for that. So sorry. =( Anyway, just for the sake of my annual tradition, I am listing again my 2013 Christmas Wish list. I just realized that some of my wish list last year already came true and I am proud of myself since I was the one who granted my own wish. Hahaha.

Anyway, you don’t need to buy me all the stuff below but if you are really itching to know what material things (we all have one) I want for Christmas, you may check list below. =)


Double Towel Bathroom Shelf, (more or less Php 2, 000)- I want to store towels in my bathroom just like in the hotels, that simply explains why I want this. Hahaha.

towl bar

Shampoo Dispenser, Tooth Brush holder, tumbler,soap dish (black, white or stainless), (estimated value for all is Php2,000)-  I don’t want soap, toothbrushes and lots of shampoos cluttering in my bathroom. I want everything to be organized and coordinated. And yes, it needs to be either black, white or a combination of both.


80 x 150 shaggy Black and White carpet (cheapest is Php 4,100)–  This is a recycled wish. You can buy this at Landmark, Trinoma or Shangri-La Mall. If you are generous enough, you can buy the next size bigger. It’s approximately Php6,000 ++.

shaggy rug

Bathroom mirror, (more or less Php2,000) – Every bathroom needs one, ‘nuff said! =)
bathroom mirror

White shoe rack (more or less Php 4,000) – I pity my shoes and flip flops for not having their own place to stay. No matter how hard I organize them they keep on cluttering everywhere, so pretty please, I need a very nice and spacious shoe rack that can hold LOTS of shoes, sandals and flip flops.

shoe rack

Samsung Flat screen TV (more or less Php 20,000)– Everyone close to me knows I am not a TV person, I’d rather stay in front of my laptop all day, but sometimes a TV can be useful especially If I need to monitor news and when our internet sucks, which, by the way, is all the time.

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 8.10.27 PM

Black or white console table, (price starts at Php5,000)– Just because I need one to complete my dream home’s look. ^_^

console table

1TB Western Digital External Hard Drive, (more or less Php 4,000)-  Zoe, my MacBook Air, has very limited storage so I need an external drive ASAP because I don’t want to burden Zoe anymore.  =/









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