Never Forget: #Remember2016

20 Dec

At last! 2016 is almost over and we can heave a sigh of relief already…or not. 2016 has been a very stressful year for me (and I assume I am not alone in this, hehehe). Actually from the start until the end of the year, 2016 never fails to stress me out. Hahaha. Good job […]

My 2016 Christmas Wish List

19 Dec

So…few days left before Christmas and it’s only now that I am writing my 2016 Christmas wish list. I’ve been delaying this post because honestly, I don’t know what I want for Christmas. Hahaha. But for the sake of continuing my annual tradition, I’ll try to write some. But I guess it’s really true that as […]

2015 Throwback: Re-Rewind!

30 Dec

So… 2015 is almost over and I can’t actually comprehend what I’m feeling right now. Maybe because I’m just so tired and sleepy while writing this entry, or for whatever reason, I don’t know. 2015 has been a good a year to me. It has been a roller coaster ride but I’m glad that I […]

My 2015 Christmas Wish List

18 Dec

Yeah I know, time’s running out already. Christmas is just around the corner and the Christmas rush is like hell. I know I should have written my traditional wish list weeks ago to save my gifters the stress of going to the mall to buy me some present, but hey, even my gift list was just organized last week so please pardon this delay. =( Anyway, there are less crowded malls in the Metro (*wink* Rockwell *wink*) where you can buy some of my wish list below. ^_^ Again, these are just suggestions. NO PRESSURE! =D

Flashback 2014: A Year in Review

31 Dec

So it’s almost 2015 and here I am rushing this article just so I can post it before 2014 comes to an end. I know many things happened this year but I can’t really pinpoint the highlights of my year. Maybe because up until the last few hours of 2014 I’m very busy that I […]

My 2014 Christmas Wish List

21 Dec

It’s that time of the year once again. I want to make this brief and quick as much as possible so pardon my straightforwardness when it comes to my Christmas Wishes. Again, these are just suggestions if you feel like being generous this year. No pressure! ^_^ Deuter Backpack (almost Php6,000). I think this bag […]

Go on, Travel!

8 Mar

Storify by Toni Alvarez Fri, Mar 07 2014 20:23:31 Go on, Travel! I’m feeling summer-y already so I am sharing here some interesting travel posts I found online. =) Add to story or collection Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Share on Google+ Share on Linkedin Share by email ✈️

Thursday with Mitch Albom

21 Feb

If only I could title this post as “Thursdays with Albom” then that would really be awesome. Imagine talking to this best-selling author every Thursday about writing, life, death and all his great stories, I mean that would really be cool, right? But we only had 30 minutes to spend with this great guy on […]

My Unforgettable 2013: A Year in Review

24 Dec

2013 is a time of transitioning for me. I learned lots of things and met lots of new people and eventually gained new friends. This might be a stressful year but a good stress to be fair. Now, as an annual tradition, I am presenting to you, in chronological order, the highlights of my YEAR 2013! Enjoy! ^_^

My 2013 Christmas Wish List

22 Dec

It’s been like, what? A year since I have written a personal blog and I feel very guilty for that. So sorry. =( Anyway, just for the sake of my annual tradition, I am listing again my 2013 Christmas Wish list. I just realized that some of my wish list last year already came true […]

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